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Advantages of Home Ownership:
When considering purchasing a home in San Diego, it's important to see what the differences are between renting and owning real estate. The following table shows how much money you might expect to be paying your landlord in a rental situation. This is money that you could be using to build equity in the ownership of your San Diego Real Estate!

You will have paid the following amounts to a landlord:
If your monthly rent is: 3 years 5 years 10 years 20 years 30 years
$800 $30,264 $53,046 $120,748 $317,433 $637,813
$1,000 $37,830 $66,308 $150,935 $396,791 $797,266
$1,200 $45,396 $79,569 $181,122 $476,150 $956,719
$1,400 $52,962 $92,831 $211,309 $555,508 $1,116,173
$1,600 $60,094 $106,092 $241,496 $634,866 $1,275,626
$1,800 $68,094 $119,354 $271,682 $714,225 $1,435,079
$2,000 $75,660 $132,615 $301,869 $793,583 $1,594,532
$2,200 $83,226 $145,877 $332,056 $872,941 $1,753,986

…assuming just a 5% per year rent increase.

Wouldn't you rather build equity in your own piece of San Diego real estate?
Let me help you on your way to owning a home in San Diego!

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