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About San Diego Real Estate: Concrete Home Construction is the Future of San Diego

San Diego took the national and world spotlight recently when fires devastated the area, destroying homes and displacing families. As a result, many home buyers and home builders are looking at ways to build homes that are more resilient to mother nature and natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes; and let's not forget to mention termite infestation, which often goes unnoticed until it is too late and a home is unsalvageable.

Concrete homes are increasing in popularity due to their resilience to fire. Precast concrete makes a significant contribution in the construction of these homes. In our own state, Northern California precast, Sacramento Precast concrete, and to the southwest Arizona precast concrete have been assisting families and builders turn their dreams into a reality. Experts comment that no residence or building is entirely fireproof, but concrete construction, in addition to fireproof windows and roofing, can give home concrete homeowners a distinct advantage when their homes are faced with an unexpected battle with the elements.

Another preventative measure in addition to concrete construction is having a secure perimeter outside the home. Using blocks weighing 2,500 pounds, redi rock wall systems offers families high-quality retaining walls for homes. The sheer strength and weight allows for construction of walls 75% higher than regular perimeter walls. This technology uses a state-of-the-art interlocking system. Another advantage of this system is that it is easy to install, has a natural appearance, and is available for home delivery. It is also a proven industry leader in both the Nevada and California markets.

As global warming continues, houses that offer more eco-friendly options continue to rise in value and popularity. The Portland Cement Association noted that concrete houses require 44 % less heat to warm and 32 % less energy to cool. In America, 44 % of our energy is used in residences, and, of that, 60 % is used for heating and cooling. As Former Vice President and Environmentalist, Al Gore, recently renovated his Tennessee mansion with the goal of increased energy efficiency, he set a precedent for environmentally conscious home buyers and home builders to follow suit. His words echo the importance of change, "Well, I think we're making progress, but the measure of success is not recognition. The measure of success is cutting back on the global warming pollution that's causing this unprecedented catastrophe. And today we will dump 70 million tons of extra CO2 into the Earth's atmosphere. Tomorrow a little bit more than that, and so on until we decide to stop."

With precast and custom homes, there is an opportunity to not only minimize our impact on the earth, but to change the way we build and live. Homes of great beauty in the future will be measured by their ability to tread lightly on the earth.

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