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About San Diego Real Estate: Looking for San Diego Real Estate in a Digital Age

As the Internet and its broad appeal gain more and more momentum, more and more tools are developed and released to make many things better - well, San Diego real estate can now be counted among the improved.

The wide availability of satellite and aerial imagery have been key to this movement, and as online maps refine their technologies, the combination of these technologies have lead to some impressive applications that can help you with your real estate search in California and around the globe.

As James Christian of SmokeDog, LLC states, "the combination of mapping programs and detailed imagery has the potential to revolutionize the way people think about real estate."

Along with the online community, Christian's internet marketing company is looking for ways to make these new applications more and more effective, and what are known as "mashups" represent an exciting new technology. A mashup takes some piece of data that can be referenced to a physical point that can be tied to a mapped location, and presents that data as part of the map. The most popular kind of mashup is currently a real estate mashup, where property listing data can be tied to a map interface. With some of these sites, you can browse around a neighborhood and when you find an address you want to see more about, just click on it and photos and information are presented right then and there!

And it's not just the U.S. that's getting on board. These real estate mashup sites are popping up all over the world. The United Kingdom has a number of established sites while other countries are releasing sites like this daily. Increased blog traffic on the topic is a good indicator that these mashup sites are not going away any time soon.

Many sources are working on solutions for the real estate industry, and as they come out one after another, they'll be trying to improve search engine rankings to get themselves noticed before the rest! Google and it's Google Maps / Google Earth technology is the 500 pound gorilla in this space, but its important to remember that some of the sources of their image data also make that data available to any other competitor for a license fee or in some cases at no charge.

Microsoft's MSN is jumping in the real estate industry, working with LoopNet to provide information about commercial real estate. With Microsoft's Windows Live Local comes another source of aerial imagery, and it's easy to speculate that they'll be combining the two technologies to use in the real estate mashup game.

The third of the search engine giants, Yahoo, is already posting property rental listings under it's Yahoo Real Estate site, and it's using Yahoo maps embedded on the listing pages to show potential renters where the property is located.

As the search engine traffic increases on these technologies, we're sure to find even more technologies popping up. Three dimensional renderings of San Diego real estate listings? An even closer look at real estate from a street level zoom? All of these things might not be too far away as you look for your piece of San Diego real estate!

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