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About San Diego Real Estate: Timeshares & real estate - San Diego to Mexico to Maui and Hawaii

Timeshare ownership in the U.S. has been growing and the trend continues to be on the rise, and the tropical locations where these interesting real estate options exist range from sunny San Diego to the beaches and exotic locations of Mexico, all the way to the Hawaiian Islands and just about everywhere else in between.

There are a few advantages of owning a timeshare, and here are some of them.

First, it affords you the opportunity to plan a vacation that you can do every year. For example, if you and your family really enjoy Hawaii travel, then you may be interested in making your Hawaii vacations something that you do year in and year out.

Next, a timeshare (also known as vacation ownership) provides you the opportunity to pay for vacations you'll take years from now at the prices you would spend today. Just like we've seen in the San Diego real estate market, prices for real estate have always risen over the long term, and prices for vacation ownership opportunities often do the same. If you had the option to, for example, book your Maui vacation rentals for this year's vacation at the prices from ten years ago, you will more than likely be enjoying a substantial cost savings.

From a financial standpoint, timeshares can be confusing, but the option to rent your timeshare might make this worth your while. If you were to purchase a piece of San Diego real estate, as an example, with the ownership of that home or condo you would have the chance to rent it out and create an income for yourself. Timeshares also allow you to rent your portion of the ownership or even lend the accommodations to family or friends. In addition, you can include your timeshare in a will and you might even be able to use your next Maui vacations as a tax deduction.

Perhaps the best reason for timeshares, however, is the type of accommodations you'll enjoy during your vacation and the places you'll go. Let's take the average family vacation, where you crowd the family into a stuffy hotel room, are forced to go out and spend extra money on all of your meals, and fight the lobby crowds to claim the only poolside lounge chair that's open. Instead of this scenario, you could be spread out with a few bedrooms, cooking in your own kitchen, and enjoying a calmer and more relaxing vacation atmosphere.

Although purchasing real estate in all of the top vacation spots around the world may be possible for the extremely wealthy, for most of us it's just not an option. Purchasing timeshares is a way to enjoy top tourism spots and ensure that you'll have the opportunity to take your vacations. Many timeshare packages offer the option to trade or exchange your timeshare with other locations around the world - so when you decide that you want to trade in your San Diego beach property adventure for a Hawaii vacation package, with a flexible timeshare you'll have that option.

Although there are certainly some benefits to purchasing a timeshare as compared with other types of real estate purchases, you'll want to make sure that you're aware of all the costs involved, all the rights you do and do not have, all the financial risks, investment potentials, the flexibility of each of the timeshare interests, and a host of other factors.

As with any real estate transaction, you want to make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before signing on the dotted line!

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