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About San Diego Real Estate: Taking in the San Diego Movies Scene

When you're thinking of moving to beautiful, sunny San Diego, odds are you'll be thinking about enjoying the multitude of things to see and do here. From world class zoos, parks, beaches and attractions to the finest in dining and nightlife, San Diego certainly does have something for everyone, and we understand your desire to purchase real estate in a city like this one! As you watch the next movie trailers in anticipation of the next big release, rest assured there are plenty of ways to catch a flick in this great city!

As far as entertainment that you can find near your new San Diego property, there is a huge variety of things to see and do, and taking in a movie is certainly among them. San Diego boasts twenty seven movie theaters within a twenty mile radius of the city, and you can catch the latest romance, adventure, comedy, mystery, thriller or action movies at any one of them. The vast majority of these movie theaters have modern stadium seating, fully equipped snack bars where you can satisfy your cravings for popcorn, candy and drinks, and listening devices and disabled accommodations are available.

We know what you're thinking - how is that different than taking in a new movie release in any other city? Well, it's probably not, but San Diego does have some other alternatives that are a little more unique as far as the movie-watching experience goes - here's just a few:

Take, for example, the Cinema Society of San Diego, a membership group that allows San Diegans to screen movies from major and independent studios before their release, with expert guest speakers to comment on the films during the evening events. Occasionally, actors, directors or studio representatives are on hand to discuss the inside scoop on the featured film. The group also hosts classic movies at the North Park Theater, as well as a free film series, and even organizes film related travel opportunities!

Hidden in Mission Hills, the city of San Diego also has another alternative to Pay Per View in the form of a quaint outdoor movie theater called Tops Presents: Cinema Under The Stars. The 60 seat outdoor theater allows more than half of its audience to relax in lounge chairs under the stars. Each movie is preceded by a shorter movie, often a cartoon, and the snack bar can quench your thirst and appetite as you enjoy the film. The cinema will even provide blankets for you on the cooler evenings to top off the perfect movie-going experience.

If your piece of San Diego real estate is so enticing that you just never want to leave home, however, then here's yet another alternative for you to get your movies: the Internet. With today's widespread availability of high speed Internet connections in the home, you might want to consider online movie downloads or an online video rental service. The competition in this marketplace is making watching movies in your very own San Diego home both an affordable and easy option!

Whatever way you choose to unwind in front of a movie, San Diego is sure to provide you with all the options you could want!

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