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Professional Tips for the Quick Sale of Your Home

The housing market in the United States has cooled in recent months, and sellers are increasingly using the services of professional real estate agents to get the maximum price for their home. Real estate agents have industry knowledge and experience that can assist you in selling your home as soon as possible and for the highest final sale price.

Before you post a sale sign in your front yard you need to get rid of the clutter. While you might love all of the pictures on the walls from you recent family trip to the Grand Canyon, potential homebuyers will not. If you're not willing to part with keepsakes there are other options. More and more families are deciding to put their own furniture in storage and then leasing rent to own furniture to give a home a more uniform feel for future buyers.

Rent to own stores have become increasingly popular with sellers, especially in cases where relocation is involved and the furniture has to be moved to a new location. Many companies even offer some type of relocation package for their employees, including the services of a professional relocation company.

Some sellers are choosing to offer incentives to homebuyers. This can be reflected in a lengthening or shortening closing dates, depending on the needs of the buyers. Other sellers have also offered to pay costly homeowner association fees for the buyers' first year in the home. In especially stagnant market sellers have gone as far as offering cruises and boats as incentives. This certainly does not represent the norm, but is an effective tool in certain areas.

When selling your home, you should not be distracted by offers from companies to buy your home outright for quick cash. The allure of fast cash is appealing to many sellers who are eager to get into another home, but these companies will offer you significantly less than your home is worth.

There are many sellers deciding to rent out their home. One negative feature of renting a house is that a rented house most likely will not be in the immaculate condition that you would like it to be in for possible homebuyers. A possible solution to this is to offer renters a clause that allows them to rent with option to buy.

Whether of not your offer incentives or a lease option to potential homebuyers, the most important decision that you will make when selling your home is pricing it correctly. A good real estate agent will know your area well and look at the average days a home in your neighborhood is on the market. Together you should assess how it compares to other homes for sale in the neighborhood in similar condition.

Far from the beaches of San Diego on the other side of the United States, Tom Innes, president of Re/Max Commonwealth in Richmond, Va, shares his thoughts on pricing, "That's the name of the game. If you price it right, it will sell. If you price it wrong, it won't sell."

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